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Xactum Intelligent Laser Sensors


Use the Xactum Intelligent Laser Micrometers as on-line diameter gauges, in the Xploreline configuration: with no other instrument can you measure diameters so quickly, so accuratley and so easily.

The XLS gauges are programmed with a dedicated software and are completed with a display unit and a remote control: using such a measuring “system” you can monitor the diameter on-line, measuring fast moving products very accurately, to achieve 100% check and to avoid any dimensional non-conformity.

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Our Performance

  • It measures the diameter and the position of the product in the measuring field
  • It monitors the average diameter and at the same time it detects short diameter flaws
  • It records the max and min diameter over a programmable length, to allow checking of shaped products ( i.e corrugated tube )
  • The exclusive Blistbuster Software detects repetitive flaws or Blisters (dual axis systems only)
  • It counts meters to get the product length
  • Out of tolerance alarm outputs
  • Ready for networking


Xploreline in Action

Un breve filmato dal canale Youtube Aeroel mostra il funzionamento in linea del sistema Xploreline nel controllo di tubo di vetroi

mov mOther digital video about of Aeroel Systems,
are available on our video gallery


xploreline video


Available Xploreline Systems

Single Axis Systems
Ideal for the on-line monitoring of “continuous” products, like electric cables, plastic tubs, glass tubes and other similar products..

  • 240 xploreline x40XPLORELINE.X40

    Measuring Field: 40 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.15 to 38 mm
    Repeatability: ± 0.6 µm 
  • 240 xploreline x80XPLORELINE.X80

    Measuring Field: 80 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.75 to 78 mm
    Repeatability: ± 1 µm 
  • 240 xploreline x150XPLORELINE.X150

    Measuring Field: 150 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.8 to 149 mm
    Repeatability: ± 1.5 µm 

For additional details: XPLORELINE.X System datasheet
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Dual Axis Systems
Ideal for the on-line monitoring of “continuous” products, like steel wire , optical fibers , electric cables, medical tube, extruded profiles and other similar products. Includes the “Blistbuster”software to detects repetitive flaws or Blisters. (more details)

  • 240 xploreline xy13XPLORELINE.XY13

    Measuring Field: 13 x 13 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.1 to 10 mm
    Repeatability: ± 0.3 µm 
  • 240 xploreline xy35XPLORELINE.XY35

    Measuring Field: 35 x 35 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.2 to 32 mm
    Repeatability: ± 0.6 µm 

For additional details: XPLORELINE.XY System datasheet
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For further informations or quotations, fill our
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Your Benefits 

  • Two instruments in one: diameter controller and flaw detector
  • No scrap: the real time inspection allows the system to detect out-of-tolerance trends and return the product back within specification, avoiding any risk of rejects or complaints.
  • Saving in materials: by keeping the product close to the lowest tolerance limit, considerable savings in materials can be achieved, thus allowing the cost of the system to be paid back in just a few months.
  • Process automation: it will be possible to use machines with automatic change of collection-reels or systems to coil spools up to a pre-set weight.
  • More competitive products: the dual axis gauge allows accurate inspection of the cross-sectional area of the wire, in spite of its random orientation. Product quality will be improved when the performance of the wire depends upon its cross-section area (i.e. tensile strength, electrical conductivity, etc.)
  • Quality Certification: the 100% inspection makes random sample checks redundant and allows the printing of detailed reports to prove product quality.

Why Aeroel?

  • Competitive price: the favourable cost/benefits ratio ensures a short pay back time.
  • XPLORELINE really works on-line: fitting the gauge on wet drawing machines, it has proved to be successful where many other equipments have failed.
  • It is really insensitive to product vibration: just try it!
  • Excellent resistence to dust: over than 30 day of uninterrupted operation are guaranteed on dry drawing benches even in most critical applications.
  • Multiple-color display: the display color shows immediately the tolerance status of the part
  • IR Remote Control: easy to program using a simple remote control
  • Efficient Glass Logic: no problem when EXTRULINE is measuring glass pipes and medical tubing, as the high performance software developed by Aeroel assures reliable gauging of transparent products.
  • Permanent self-calibration: measuring accuracy is guaranteed over time and periodical re-mastering is no longer required.
  • Ready for networking: a lot of Systems can be connected to a PC through an Ethernet line.
  • 3 years guarantee: the high standards of components and the solid state laser source warrant long operational life.
  • Know-how and service: Aeroel provides qualified and efficient technical service, thanks to their experience in applying laser technology in the Wire Industry.
  • Made in Europe: XPLORELINE complies with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union.

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