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Xactum Intelligent Laser Sensors


Use the Xactum Intelligent Laser Gauges as bench-top micrometers, in the Table-Gauge configuration: with no other instrument can you measure diameters so quickly, so accurately and so easily.

The XLS gauges are programmed with a dedicated software and are completed with a display unit, a remote control, fixturing to hold the part and a base-plate for bench-top use: using this “Table-Gauge” assembly you can, in a few seconds, check the diameter, roundness and the concentricity of ground or turned parts, to an accuracy that before only could be obtained in a metrology room, by using much more expensive equipment and specialized personnel.

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Our Performance

  • It measures the diameter and the ovality of the part
  • It also measures the center position and the section concentricity
  • It checks the pre-set tolerances
  • It sends the measured data to a PC, through the RS232 or Ethernet link


Available Table-Gauge Systems

Single Axis Systems:
ideal to check pins (masters) or any other ground or turned part

  • 240 tablegauge x40TABLE-GAUGE.X40

    Measuring Field: 40 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.06 to 38 mm
    Repeatability: up to ± 0.1 µm 
  • 240 table gauge x80TABLE-GAUGE.X80

    Measuring Field: 80 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.75 to 78 mm
    Repeatability: up to ± 0.3 µm 

For additional details: TABLE-GAUGE.X System datasheet
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Dual Axis Systems:
ideal to check drawn wire or dies, magnet wire, optical fibers or extruded products

  • 240 tablegauge xy13TABLE-GAUGE.XY13

    Measuring Field: 13 x13 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.03 to 10 mm
    Repeatability: up to ± 0.03 µm 
  • 240 tablegauge xy35TABLE-GAUGE.XY35

    Measuring Field: 35 x 35 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.2 to 32 mm
    Repeatability: up to ± 0.2 µm 

or additional details: TABLE-GAUGE.X System datasheet
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Your Benefits 

  • Ultra accurate measurement and repeatable results up to 0,03 µm, thanks to our top-level laser technology offered at very competitive conditions
  • Objective and repeatable results: high gauging accuracy is obtained regardless of skill or experience of operators.
  • Saving of skilled labour: being quick and simple to use, MECLAB drastically reduces inspection time while improving measurement capability.
  • Quality certification: measurement data are immediately printed and recorded for further analysis; you will no longer need to fill the time-wasting, handwritten control charts

Why Aeroel?

  • Miglior rapporto costo/performance: soluzione a basso costo per misure di qualità “metrologica”
  • Very high precision: a patented self-calibration device guarantees permanent gauge accuracy, with no re-mastering required.
  • It is insensitive to changes in the ambient temperature: the self-calibration device automatically compensates any drift due to room temperature changes, making the Meclab ideally suited for use in the workshop.
  • Very quick and easy to use: in a few seconds you will measure the diameter of your parts
  • Multiple-color display: the display color shows immediately the tolerance status of the part
  • IR Remote Control: easy to program using a simple remote control
  • 3 years guarantee:  the high standards of components and the solid state laser source warrant long operational life.
  • Know-how and service: Aeroel provides qualified and efficient technical service, thanks to their experience in applying laser technology in Mechanical Industry.
  • Made in Europe: MECLAB complies with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union

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