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XACTUM Single Axis Micrometers
for very high accuracy diameter measurement


The XLS (eXactum Laser Scan Micrometer) series Laser Gauges represent the latest technological development in laser scanning micrometry, featuring record performance.
With their built-in and very powerful electronics, the XLS micrometers can be used as Stand Alone, Intelligent Diameter Sensors. When programmed with a Dedicated Software and completed with external Display Units and Operator Panels, they can be the hart of Dedicated Laser Measuring and Control Systems, for the on-line control of a variety of different products.

The XLS micrometers can be directly connected to a PC, PLC or NC via standard Ethernet or RS232 or RS485 interface line. Any electronic unit equipped with such an interface can simply get accurate and fast diameter readings: the user can input the measurement data into his own programme, to perform any specific task. Thanks to this feature, the XLS gauges are ideal diameter sensors for OEM Customers, System Integrators or for large scale applications.

Available Micrometers

  • 240 xls x40XLS40

    Measuring Field: 40 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.06 to 38 mm
    Repeatability: up to ± 0.01 µm 
  • 240 xls x80XLS80

    Measuring Field: 80 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.75 to 78 mm
    Repeatability: up to ± 0.1 µm 
  • 240 xls x150XLS150

    Measuring Field: 150 mm
    Measurable Diameters: from 0.8 to 149 mm
    Repeatability: fup to ± 0.1 µm 

For additional details: XLS single axis sensor datasheet
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modo 01 Diameter measurement (D) and Centre position (C) of 1 piece in the field.   modo 02 Measurement of top (T) and bottom (B) edge of 1 piece in the field.
modo 05 Diameter measurement (D) and Centre position (C) of 2 pieces in the field   modo 06 Diameter measurement (D) and distance (GAP) of 2 pieces in the field.
modo 07

Measurement of top (T) and bottom (B) edge of 2 pieces in the field.


modo 08

Measurement of the penetration gap of 1 piece in the field

modo 09 Measurement of the gap between 2 pieces in the field   modo 10 Measurement of the penetration gap in relation to a reference pin of 1 piece in the field
Note: not all the measuring modes included in the standard software are enabled in other types of software, designed for specific applications. Check the detailed specifications of any application software. 


  • Non contact measurement: moving parts, hot or soft, can be easily gauged, in such conditions that would be off-limits for any other instrument.
  • Wide measuring range: parts of different size can be measured, without any pre-setting.
  • Insensitive to product speed and vibration: the measurement can be performed on-line, during the manufacturing process.
  • Absolute measuring concept: no “zeroing” is required when the part diameter is changed.
  • High gauging speed and reduced beam spot size: it detects details that would escape a contact probe or an air ring, even on moving parts.
  • On-Line application for 100% checking: “zero defect” manufacturing and proved Quality.
  • Ideal sensors for the automatic process regulation: savings in raw material and manpower.
  • Easy and quick gauging: reduced cost for off-line sample checks.
  • Accurate and reproducible results, regardless of the operator’s experience.


Why Aeroel

  • Permanent self-calibration: the measuring accuracy is guaranteed over time and periodical remastering is no longer required.
  • Ultra high accuracy: ± 0.03 µm repeatability (T = 1s, ± 3 σ)
  • Electronic linearization: the “error mapping” of each gauge makes it possible to compensate by software all errors due to optical aberrations
  • High scan rate up to 1200 Hz, using a 16 facets polygon mirror
  • Outstanding single scan repeatabilty: ± 1 µm, thanks to the internal data processing capability.
  • Every single scan measurement result can be used and downloaded at a rate of 1200 data per second.
  • In many applications a single instrument can measure the diameter and detect flaws on moving products
  • Excellent resistance to dust and dirt: skilled optical design and innovative edge detection technique allow to discriminate the part shadow from the dirt on the optical flats.
  • Thermal stability: the highly stable construction and the thermal drift self-compensation allow accurate on-line measurement in workshop environment.
  • New electronics, based on an ARM-7 type processor, 16Mb RAM / 8Mb Flash Memory, clock 74 MHz., FPGA (Field Programmable Logic Array 50,000 gates) and DSP (Digital Signal Processor) for high speed data processing.
  • Linux embedded Operational System and Application Software in C language
  • Fully re-programmable: the software in the gauge can be re-loaded to incorporate new performance or future releases.
  • Two fast digital inputs for triggering signals, metre counting, etc.
  • Internal digital sampling of the video signal: serial signal downloading for checking and teleservicing
  • Fully digital, non-analog interface: no loss in accuracy due to transmission line, electric noise or A/D conversion errors.
  • Use standard serial line: no dedicated or custom interface board inside the PC.
  • Ready for networking: through the Ethernet or the RS485 line, several sensors can be linked to a host computer.
  • Internal temperature check: a sensor measures the internal temperature and shuts the gauge down when the operating temperature exceeds the allowed limit.
  • Industrial design: rugged and sealed construction (IP65) for industrial environment.
  • Easy self-check: a multicolor LED with coded flashing sequences immediately identifyes possible malfunction conditions.
  • Low voltage power supply: 24 VDC single ended, reduced power supply.
  • Low power Laser emission: Class II laser equipment, conforming to USA and EU standards.
  • High immunity to EMI: conforming to the high EU standards (CE).
  • Made in Europe: the XLS series Gauges comply with the high Quality and Safety Standards set by the European Union.
  • 3 year warranty: the solid state laser diode guarantees reliability and very long operational life.



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