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Aeroel srl joins Marposs Group

marposs 00 L250On June 1st 2017 Marposs, worldwide supplier of precision equipment for measurement and control in the production environment acquired Aeroel srl, an Italian company based in Pradamano (UD), that since 1978 has produced high precision laser instruments for the manufacturing sector.

Aeroel srl, plays now a leading role worldwide in the laser technology. Aeroel is manufactures accurate and reliable laser systems for contact-less diameter gauging, to be used in industrial environment, to check products. These instruments are mainly offered to machine manufacturers or system integrators and final users, being an ideal component to be included in Industry automation systems. The main reference markets are wire, white appliances, aerospace, oleodynamics and automotive.

Mr. Antonio Spizzamiglio, founder of Aeroel, thinks that being part of the Marposs Group will lead his company through worldwide expansion and that all the synergies that will be created working together with the Marposs distributors network in the world, will increase the quality of the service to the existing customers.

Aeroel will keep on working with same commitment and dedication and to assist and support the existing customers in the same way. No changes will be made to the staff and production structure.


Published on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 08:21

New Table-Gauges now available

240 tablegauge x40Use the XLS Intelligent Laser Sensors as a Table-Gauge for quick and easy diameter checks.

The ILS gauges are completed with a display module, a simple fixture for part holding and a base for bench top use: this Table-Gauge assembly allows very quick, really easy and extremely accurate diameter checks.

No matter about operator skill!
100% repeatable results, thanks to the Laser Technology now available at a minimum cost!

The Table-Gauge can be connected to a PC for programming and/or data downloading on Excel Spread Sheet and all the functions of the XLS sensors and Display Modules are available, through the connectors on the rear panel.


Published on Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:21

Aeroel introduce the new Super-Wirelab.XY

super-wirelab.13xyAeroel introduce the new Super-Wirelab.XY Bench-Top Laser Micrometer, using ultra accurate Xactum Laser Sensors.
SUPER- WIRELAB.XY is a high performance table-top laser micrometer designed to be used off-line to check diameter and ovalization of drawn or extruded products. It is the ideal instrument to measure wire samples, optical fibers and magnet wire or to check the die diameter by measuring the drawn wire. It can also be used for the control of rectangular-section products (eg. metal strip).

The system includes:

XLS13XY dual axis Xactum Intelligent Laser Micrometer
Hand driven rotating fixture with pneumatic clamping of the sample and with angle position encoder
CE-100 Operator’s Interface Panel, Table-Top version
Super-Wirelab.XY software pre-installed in the gauge

Thanks to the extremely high accuracy of the Laser Sensor and to some exclusive features included in the data processing software, this instrument is to day the best and the easiest to use Bench-Top Laser Micrometer for the Wire Industry


Published on Wednesday, 08 June 2016 12:21

Super-Meclab+: now performing the through-feed multi-diameter measuring!

h200 in passataNew on SUPER-MECLAB+ Systems

Through-feed measurement: multi-diameter measurement simple and instantaneous

Measures up to 9 diameters on the same piece, simply by moving the linear slide.

See the video





Published on Wednesday, 01 June 2016 00:00

Aeroel introduce the new Super Meclab

supermeclab 2014 raggioAeroel introduce the new Super Meclab Bench-Top Laser Micrometer, using ultra accurate Xactum Laser Sensors.
The SUPER-MECLAB.X Bench Top Laser Micrometer is a high precision instrument for ultra-high accuracy diameter measurements. It is ideal for the off-line, manual measurements of a wide range of ground or turned parts with different shapes and sizes.

The system includes:

Flat granite baseplate with precision linear slide (640 mm)
Embedded Aeroel PC with 10.4” LCD monitor
Super-Meclab.X software pre-installed in the system
NO-VAR Option: compensation of measuring drift due to changing room temperature

Thanks to the extremely high accuracy of the Laser Sensor and to some exclusive features included in the data processing software, this instrument is to day the best and the easiest to use Bench-Top Laser Micrometer on the market.


Published on Thursday, 20 March 2014 12:21

HWS.1: the world first, really contact-less, hand held optical micrometer to check wires, cables and other similar products.

HWS1 smallHWS.1 - Handy Wire Scanner is a fully portable optical micrometer for non-contact measurement of wires, cables and other similar products.

Developed by Aeroel with LED and CCD technology, it  uses 2 crossed  linear sensor to automatically compensate positioning errors (Patent pending).

Thanks to a powerful single chip microprocessor, the micrometer is linearized and compensated to obtain the maximum precision in the entire field of measurement, regardless of an accurate positioning of the wire.

The measurement is started by pressing the trigger and takes only a few seconds, the display provides the operator with interactive information to place the wire in the useful measurement area and displays the measurement result.


Published on Monday, 07 April 2014 10:00

The new "Gold Label" Laser Micrometers

close gold small

Aeroel introduce the new XLS laser micrometers scanning at 1500 Hz, to replace the previous ones scanning at 1200 Hz.

These new sensors join the 480 Hz scanners and complete the GOLD LABEL series, that use the FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) scanning motor, without ball bearing. This new technology reduces the component wear and minimizes fluctuations in the rotation of the mirror.

We were able in this way to further improve the reliability and durability of our gauges, confirming the primacy of the Aeroel technology in the diameter laser measuring systems.


Published on Thursday, 17 January 2013 12:21

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