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The on-line diameter measurement is performing a very important role even in the manufacturing process of a product seemingly so simple as metal wire, especially because nowadays specifications are getting tighter and tighter and more and more difficult to achieve. Aeroel has developed dedicated laser systems for real time diameter and ovality measurement, offering to wire drawers effective instruments to enhance the process efficiency and the wire quality.


Why Lasers?

Laser technology allows the wire to be gauged just after the die or before the coiling, during the drawing process. Indeed, only by using laser light it has become possible to design diameter gauges which are insensitive to wire vibration and movement, featuring in addition the extremely high precision which is necessary to check very narrow tolerance limits.


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The Applications

By detecting increasing wire diameter or excessive ovality, the laser gauge constantly monitors the wearing condition of the die. When the wire diameter exceeds the preset tolerance limits, the machine can be immediately stopped. The measured data is recorded and processed to print complete statistical reports for each spool. In addition, the gauges can be linked to an external computer to allow remote system programming and data downloading for further analisys and storage. Several system configurations are offered, to fit both wet or dry drawing machines, single or multiple line, processing ferrous or non-ferrous wire.

The benefits

Due to the 100% inspection it is possible to achieve zero-defect production and to certify the wire quality. By avoiding drawing out-of-spec wire and by optimizing the utilization cycle of the dies, significant savings in material costs can be obtained. Finally the on-line monitoring results in saving labour costs and improving the automation of the drawing process.


Why Aeroel?

Having been established in the Wire Industry for a long time, Aeroel has extensive experience and specific know-how and is now in the position of offering a wide range of gauging systems. All of which are effective on both wet or dry drawing machines and for a number of different types of wire. In each case the favourable cost/benefits ratio always guarantees a quick investment pay back.
The unrivalled excellence of the gauges, all of them with crossed laser beams, and their long operational life enhance the benefits and make them last for the years to come.
The Aeroel measuring systems are available with accessories to guarantee suitable shielding and dust resistance; all of which have been proved to be ideally suited for on-line operation, often in heavy duty environments, succeeding where other equipment has failed.
Being one of the few European Companies working in this area, Aeroel ensures qualified technical service and products which comply with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union.


The Systems

Wireline mini
Systems for on-line
wire monitoring

wirelab mini
Bench top micrometers
for the Wire Industry


quadraline mini

Systems for the control of products
with a rectangular cross-section

table mini
Low cost bench-top
laser Micrometers


xploreline mini

Systems for the on-line monitoring
of continuous productsi

Fully portable optical micrometer 
for the measurement of wires and cables



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