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estrusioneThe on-line diameter control is regarded today as a necessity to get a satisfactory efficiency in the extrusion process. Likewise it is a must to guarantee the quality standard which is needed in an increasingly competitive market. The Aeroel laser scanners, thanks to a perfect balance between ease of use and comprehensive functions, have proved to be very effective and suitable for extrusion automation.


Why Laser?

Just after the extruder head the product is still soft, can be easily deformed and in addition is moving
at a speed that can attain remarkable values: in such conditions only instruments based on optical principles are able to check the dimensions without any risk of errors or damages due to the contact.
Using laser light, it has been possible to achieve reliable and accurate gauging, not affected by product movement and vibration.


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  • extruline.xy35
  • extruline.x80
  • quadraline 1
  • extruline.xy35
  • extruline.xy13
  • extruline.xy35
  • extruline.xy13


The Applications

The laser gauge measures the outside diameter of tubes, rods and cables or the dimensions of profiles featuring rectangular section, no matter whether the material is tranparent or not. It checks the tolerances and alerts the operator when the product is going out of specification; in addition, when connected to the machine, it performs automatic extruder regulation, to keep the product within pre set tolerance limits.
The measured data is recorded and processed to print complete statistical reports; the gauge can also be linked to an external computer to allow remote system programming and data downloading for further analisys and filing.

The Benefits

Thanks to the automatic and unsupervised extrusion control, it has been possible to achieve remarkable savings in labour and materials, paying back the system cost in a few months.
The on-line monitoring enables 100% inspection and makes it possible to sell flaw-free products, with assessed quality.


Why Aeroel?

The Aeroel laser systems have been developed to provide instruments that are simple to set up, easy to use, at a competitive cost, long lasting and, what’s most important, perfectly suitable to perform their fundamental task: to make extrusion people save time and money.
Advanced technology has granted simple and effective operation, dual axis gauges have expanded measuring capability to products having oval or rectangular cross-section. Sophisticated signal processing softwares allow reliable and accurate gauging of transparent products and cancel any error due to product vibration or movement.
Being one of the few European Companies working in this area, Aeroel ensures qualified technical service and products which comply with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union.


The Systems

 extruline mini
Systems for on-line
extrusion control

Fully portable optical micrometer 
for the measurement of wires and cables


quadraline mini
Systems for the control of products
with a rectangular cross-section


xploreline mini
Systems for the on-line monitoring
of continuous products


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