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The leading producers of Magnet Wire must now secure new advantages against increasing competition, by continually improving process efficiency and product quality. By introducing laser technology into enamelling plants, Aeroel is contributing to the achievement of this objective, thanks to innovative systems for on-line diameter control, detection of "blisters" and real time regulation of enamel coating.


Why Lasers?

In every Company, the on-line dimensional inspection is a fundamental link of the long chain that assures the quality of products and the efficiency of process.The diameter gauging of fine magnet wires, moving at high speed, is possible only by optical means: nevetheless only by using laser light one can achieve the accuracy and the reliability that are needed to get effective and satisfactory results.


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The applications

By measuring the finished diameter of the wire, it is possible to monitor the thickness of the varnish coating: on those machines using felt applicators, the automatic control of enamelling process can also be performed by adjusting the enamel flow wetting the felts. In addition, thanks to an exclusive software for measurement processing and to the superior accuracy and repeatability of the gauge,the same instrument used for diameter control can also detect the enamelling flaws commonly known as "Blisters".

The Benefits

Significant savings in labour and material cost, a better wire quality and the possibility of manufacturing and supplying flaw-free wire: these are the self-evident most important benefits coming from extensive use of laser gauges in enamelling plants.


Why Aeroel?

Having been established for a long time in the Magnet Wire Industry, Aeroel has developed experience and specific know-how and it is now in the position of offering a wide range of systems, effective both on traditional multi-wire and on faster single-line machines: in each case the favourable cost/benefits ratio always guarantees a quick investment pay back. The unrivalled excellence of gauges, most of them using crossed laser beams, and their long operational life enhance the benefits and make them last for the years to come.Only Aeroel is to day offering a real solution to the problem of blister detection, at affordable cost and proved by documented results. Being one of the few European Companies working in this area, Aeroel ensures qualified technical service and products which comply with the high quality and safety standards set by the European Union..


The Systems

wirelab mini
Bench top micrometers
for the Wire Industry

table mini
Low cost bench-top
laser Micrometers


quadraline mini

Systems for the control of products
with a rectangular cross-section

Fully portable optical micrometer 
for the measurement of wires and cables


xploreline mini

Systems for the on-line monitoring
of continuous products



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