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On this web-page we make available some technical articles (PDF files) written to describe Aeroel's Technology and applications in some industrial sectors. Most of these documents was proceeded to important international meetings.


The "Blistbuster" concept: a new approach to detect recurrent diameter flaws (Blisters) in Magnet Wire Industry, using low frequency, cost-effective laser scanners.

December 2, 2010


A suitable real time processing of all diameter measurements coming from low frequency dual-axis laser gauges, allows on-line, early detection of repetitive diameter flaws (blisters) in the enamel jacket of fast moving magnet wires.

A theoretical model is outlined and a computer simulation programme is presented: it is possible to run realistic virtual tests to see how the system would work on-line, checking wires with any pattern of blisters.

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The New NO-VAR Technology
for the Aeroel Laser Micrometers

April 30, 2009


The NO-VAR (NO-VARiation) technology developed for the Aeroel Laser Micrometers allows one to simply get perfect diameter measurements, even in non thermally controlled environments, when the ambient temperature is significantly different from the reference temperature (20°C).

Thanks to this new technology it is possible to get in the workshop or in line, the same results that one would get in a controlled temperature metrology room when measuring any material and even when the ambient temperature is changing by some degree/hour.

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Ginevra chiama Aeroel per l'acceleratore di particelle Big Bang

(Geneva call Aeroel for the Big Bang particle accelerator)

September 28, 2008


Interview with Antonio Spizzamiglio, Aeroel chairman

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L'utilizzo di micrometri laser per il controllo del diametro
nei processi di trafila del filo di rame

(The Use of Laser Micrometers for Controlling Diameter in Drawing Copper Wire)
Proceeding to Conference TECNOLOGIE DEL FILO E DEL CAVO - Erba (CO) - November 8, 2002


In today's world, and all the more so in the near future, the globalization of economy is certainly the main reason of the continuous increase of the competitiveness among companies. Many new competitors, which are often placed in remote regions of the earth, present themselves on the market, offering competitive prices and products which not only hinder our spread in new and far market, but are a threaten for our companies in the local market, too.
In order to check this phenomenon, all the company processes must be proceed towards a continuous improving: little betterments and moderate savings become important and, added together, can produce a decisive advantage.
As for a company which draws copper wire, both for selling it as end products, and for using it as raw material in other productive processes (i.g. production of electrical cable, enamelled wire, etc.), the use of laser micrometers for controlling the diameter of drawn copper wire contributes to the improvement of the productive process and allows to reach a meaningful saving in material and reduction of scraps. In addition, it allows to supply to the customers a higher quality product.
By using these devices, it is also possible to get a saving in terms of manpower, because it is not necessary to give an operator the task of measuring the diameter: the measurement becomes more accurate and the results absolutely reproducible, with no errors and/or human influence.
The cost of the investment can be amortized just in 4 months, because of the saving in copper so achieved.

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wire journalD. COSTANZO

Measuring & Testing 

Republished from Wire Journal International, Vol. 34, Number 12, December 2001.
Copyright® 2002 by WJI. All rights reserved.


Suppliers of measuring and testing equipment discuss their focus and how it has changed in response to customer demands.

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Il Laser misura il diametro in-linea: una realta' oggi affermata

 July 19, 1999


  • La tecnologia laser nel mondo produttivo
  • Che cos'è e come funziona un calibro laser
  • I vantaggi della tecnologia laser nei vari settori industriali

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Laser Technology Improves and Makes Easier
Post-Process Measuring On Centreless Grinders.

June 3, 1999


  • Introduction
  • Laser Technology sets new performance standards
  • Application for centreless grinders
  • The benefits of the Grindline System

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On-line diameter measuring of ferrous wire on dry drawing benches: how laser gauges can do their job in this very harsh environment.

Proceeding to Conference Wire & Cables Europe - Düsseldorf, May 26-27, 1999


It is a well known fact that the major obstacle in expanding on-line diameter measuring practice in the Wire Industry is the high dust sensitivity of most optical instruments; which jeopardises applications on dry drawing benches, where soap and iron dust can strongly affect the measuring accuracy and blind the sensor in a short time. This report documents Aeroel's state-of-the-art laser measuring technology applied on dry drawing benches: ten years of field experience and continuous development have lead to a reliable and effective solution of the aforementioned problem.

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The Continuous Measurement of The Diameter of the Steel Wire Intended for Steel-Cord

Proceeding to International Conference WIRES & CABLES - FLORENCE - October 4-5, 1995


  • The Advantages of Continuous Diameter Measurement
  • The Wireline System for On-Line Measurement
  • Important Results Obtained At Pirelli

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