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miles 1978

Aeroel S.n.c. start their business, to design and manufacture a Rocket Telemetry System.

miles 1980 1

The first prototype of a laser diameter gauge is shown at the BiMu Expo in Milano (I).  Patent for the self-calibration system, using reference pins.

miles 1980 2

The MILS70 laser gauge was born: for long years it will be the Aeroel’ s leading product.

miles 1983 1

First application on a centre-less grinding machine, to check piston pins.

miles 1983 2

First applications in Magnet Wire Industry, using laser gauges on motor driven slides.

miles 1991

Aeroel changes to S.r.l. and moves to the new premises in Pradamano (UD). The laser diodes and the DC brush-less motors replace the old He-Ne laser tubes and the hysteresis synchronous motors: the second generation of gauges is born (ALS).

miles 1992

The ALS12XY dual axis micrometer, specially designed to meet Wire Industry’s requirements, is introduced during the Wire exhibition.

miles 1996

ILS12XY Intelligent Laser Sensor, with built in SMD electronics and slim motor. Third generation of laser gauges (ILS).

miles 1998

The Aeroel Quality System is certified ISO 9001.

miles 1999

A new, patented dust protective device makes it possible the application of laser micrometers on dry drawing benches.

miles 2002

With the new home page Aeroel grows in Internet!

miles 2003

The Aeroel Quality System is conform to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard.

miles 2005

The XACTUM Intelligent Laser Micrometers: the fourth generation  (XLS)

miles 2007

New Dedicated Systems based on XACTUM Micrometers

miles 2008

Aeroel technology at the CERN in Geneva: XLS35 sensors are used in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

miles 2010

Aeroel presents the new NO-VAR technology to compensate for thermal expansion during measurement.

miles 2014

Aeroel presents HWS.1 Handy Wire Scanner: the world first, really contact-less, hand held optical micrometer to check wires, cables and other similar products.

miles 2017

Aeroel joins Marposs Group

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